Month: August 2014

White River Academy now accepting international students

White River Academy boarding school now possesses a SEVIS certification, allowing us to accept international students. This does not only expand our opportunities for treatment, but provides a richer experience to both our domestic and foreign students, immersing them in each other’s cultures during their stay. In order to help meet the new demand for …

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Internet Addiction

Is the Internet Becoming an Addiction? Almost everyone spends a significant portion of their day surfing the Internet, but is our collective web compulsion becoming an addiction for some of us? Although it is not officially listed as a diagnosable mental health disorder, it is under consideration, modeled after gambling disorder and recognized as a …

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Teenage Depression

Depression is a mental and emotional health issue that can interfere with a person’s social life, occupation and their livelihood. A person dealing with depression must work through feelings of sadness, hopelessness, fatigue, unwarranted guilt and suicidal thoughts. All together, the struggle that depression presents can seriously disrupt a person’s life. Obviously this is a …

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