Boarding School – Myths vs. Facts


Sending your child to a boarding school will be a significant life changing event that shapes their future. Parents will naturally want to research the details of what this opportunity entails and if it is indeed the right choice for their family. However, some may have their doubts about the effectiveness of such institutions and of course, there are pervasive myths about them. Let’s review some of these common myths now, as opposed to the reality of what such an experience means.

For instance, one assumption is that boarding schools are a last resort for children of divorce or those with severe personal issues. In truth, parents are often seeking the best educational upbringing for them, whether that means a public school or a private school. They often seek a supportive environmental where the child is able to reach their full potential. Another common perception is that a boarding school is only an option for wealthy families that can afford the privilege. This is simply not accurate, as financial aid is available depending on necessity and a significant portion of the student body makes use of it. Financial aid may be easily applied for online.

Some are under the impression that boarding schools are associated with increased usage of controlled substances or alcohol. In actuality, usage is less likely, as a boarding school is a very supervised and controlled environment. Students are subjected to a structured schedule throughout the day that usually prevents such distractions. Even if a student does find a means of using alcohol and drugs, being in such an open environment among others often means being caught and suffering punishment. All of this is all the more reason not to believe that there is less supervision at a boarding school than at home. Study time and exercise programs constitute much of the day, while study halls are a big focus during the evening.

Another persistent misconception is that diversity is not present in boarding schools. Teens indeed do have the opportunity to interact with those from different cultures both during exercise programs and scholarly activities. In addition, there is the persistent myth that those enrolled in boarding schools have no opportunity for leisure or entertainment. Students are allowed to partake in such activities, including events in the community and opportunities to visit with parents. The various events at the school keep students busy and excited about different opportunities.

One fear that parents have about sending their child to a boarding school is that they will lose touch with them and feel cut off from their lives. This couldn’t be further from the truth at White River Academy. Parents are encouraged to stay in touch with their children about the progress they are making, and have parent weekends that allow them to be involved in their experiences. We know that you will naturally want to be a part of this life changing opportunity.

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