How do boarding schools prepare adolescents for college?

boy studying at boarding school

One common benefit that is brought up in the discussion of boarding schools is how they prepare adolescents for college. Studies have shown that students often say they are more prepared for college after attending such an institution, as opposed to a private school or public school. Let’s discuss some of the reasons why this opportunity can help offer a sense of independence and preparation for your son.

First of all, perhaps the most obvious reason your son will be better prepared is because they have already lived away from home. Most students will claim college as their first time away from home for a period of great length. Due to this, they must adapt to these circumstances, while forging new social connections and preparing for classes that may be more demanding. Those who have attended a boarding academy will feel more prepared because living on their own doesn’t feel awkward or disorienting to them. They have already learned skills like personal responsibility and time management.

In addition, classes at a boarding school are more intensive than those at a public school, for instance. Curriculum standards are higher, with more study time to ensure teens have a grasp of the material. Each classroom has fewer students, so as to ensure that each has sufficient attention and is encouraged to participate. Libraries are an excellent resource for students, as they have broad selection and are comparable to those at universities.

You can also be sure that your student is among other peers who are there because they want to learn and prepare themselves for higher education. This environment helps to minimize peer pressure and exposure students who do not take academics seriously. In other words, positive influences will help guide your teen and shape them further for the future, without the distractions that could lead to life altering consequences.

Boarding schools also offer a number of social functions and organizations that allow a student to branch out beyond the curriculum that is offered. This helps to illustrate the importance of balance in life and will also prepare a student for college, where they may often be curious about similar clubs that are offered. Activities may include summer barbecues, amusement park trips, community outreach and more. Such events will show adolescents there is more to a boarding academy than hard work, and they will appreciate such diversions.

With all these positives to consider, you can see why such experiences may be the right choice for your son. Of course, he may naturally be nervous about making the transition at first. Our primary goal at White River Academy is to expose your son to new possibilities that will better prepare him for adulthood. If you would like to speak to one of our representatives about what we can do for your teen, please call today at 800-366-0616.

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