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There are good days, bad days, days that go from bad to worse and just plain terrible days. Whatever transpired to make the day so bad, is in the past. People may continue holding onto the emotions felt during the bad days; not sure how to cope with them. It is not easy to remain positive when one has a bad day. There are methods and tips to help process and deal with the worst days to make room for the better ones.

Working through a bad day

The worst part of a rough day is that leaving issues unresolved can lead to stress and only increase the tension, compounding the issue or issue.

Toni Bernhard, J.D., gives tips for processing emotions during a bad or uncomfortable situation. One tip includes changing the physical or mental environment since sometimes, “Doing something, anything [non-harmful of course] can take a bad day and help me see it from a new, brighter perspective.” This can range from a walk or car drive to taking a bath. In the case of students dealing with a bad day at school, finding somewhere quiet to sit at lunch or talking to a friend about it can help process emotions.

Surviving the worst

The worst thing an individual can do is assume that every day will be terrible. “Reflecting on the ever-changing nature of all phenomena helps us see that we’re not going to be permanently stuck in our current mood,” Bernhard adds. Emotions and feelings are never permanent, but may not be the easiest to deal with. Understanding emotions can fluctuate like the tide at a beach will help to realize that every day will not be bad.

The best advice for dealing with a bad day is knowing the little things which are in one’s control to make the day better. Alice Boyes, Ph.D., describes some essential methods to help oneself feel better on a bad day. “A dose of positive emotion will increase your resilience during stressful days.” Boyes continues that this can be in the form of a small treat of a food one does not normally buy, getting a foot massage, or buying a new book.

These treats need to be small, inexpensive and seldom indulged, too maintain the novelty. It is important to note if the emotions from a single bad day continue for several days after the smaller incident occurred, there may be a deeper rooted cause to the emotions. If this is the case, seeking professional help is an excellent place to start.

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