How forgiveness mends the heart

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Everyone can hold a grudge. One can stay mad at a former love forever because things didn’t work out. Some people have been known to stop speaking to their parents for years over something that happened when they were teens.

Forgiveness is a struggle. Forgiveness means letting go of what someone did that caused pain and it is never easy. However, it is the better alternative. Holding a grudge is like putting a band-aid on an open wound; it may heal, but it will leave a scar. In contrast, forgiveness is like the process of cleaning out the wound properly and enduring the proper healing process. It will be painful at times, but in the long run it is better for everyone involved.

Megan Feldman understands how hard forgiveness is. As a veteran journalist who had just gone through a breakup, the last thing that someone would expect her to do was go on a world-wide adventure to learn about forgiveness. Yet, after meeting a man who had forgiven the teen who murdered his only son, that is just what Feldman did.

Feldman’s soon-to-be-released book called “Triumph of the Heart: Forgiveness in an Unforgiving World” gives readers the story of her global journey to find out what forgiveness is and how it really works from a scientific perspective. Specifically, Feldman wanted to investigate how forgiveness played out and why more people seemed to be choosing to forgive in response to many different situations such as road rage, infidelity or even acts of war. What she discovered were the incredible physical and psychological benefits brought about by forgiveness. Feldman also makes sure that readers come away well-equipped on how to make forgiveness a part of their individual lives and a part of their community as a whole. With her understanding of how forgiveness can help to define a person’s quality of life, Feldman shares the stories of her journey and what she learned in an effort to help readers find triumph with forgiveness, whatever their situation may be.

Megan Feldman is an award-winning writer and professor of journalism and public relations at Metropolitan State University Denver. Her features have appeared in magazines such as “Glamour”, “Details”, and “5280: The Denver Magazine” and in newspapers including “Newsday” and the “Dallas Observer”. To learn more about Feldman or to pre-order “Triumph of the Heart” you can visit her website at

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