Jonathan Barney: Classroom Instructor

Jonathan has been a classroom instructor at White River Academy since 2011. He is responsible for implementing activities that actively engage students in meaningful learning experiences. He teaches business, financial literacy, math, science and music appreciation. Jonathan academically challenges the students and engages them to set and achieve high academic goals. He has prepared dozens of students for college.

He directs a school-wide, all organic garden, where students grow food and track heirloom heredity as well as an ecologically based, permaculture food forest. The classes have an active recycling program; the students regularly compost and spend time on research activities that prepare them for living professionally in a mutually enhancing human-earth relationship. In addition to these eco-friendly works, his knowledge of business, economics and legislation aid in providing vocational guidance for students.

Jonathan received his Bachelor of Science in Business Finance from Southern Utah University, graduating Magna Cum Laude. There he co-managed a $250,000 investment portfolio, producing 7.8 percent in dividend returns. He also received an Associate of Science in Business Administration from Snow College. He was an international award winner and President of the DEX business club.

Before working at White River Academy, Jonathan served as Chief Financial Officer for a youth treatment company in Utah. He provided crucial financial forecasts, controlling measures and obtained extensive capital resources for the company. Jonathan also served as the hotel manager for the Manti Country Village and the CEO of, a local trading website that specialized in rural trades. As a hotel manager, he led the charge to move the hotel’s booking system online.

Jonathan is married and has three children. He enjoys gardening, studying, nearly any form of research and has visited many of America’s National Parks. He actively matches his love and defense of America’s natural beauty by making it a top learning priority in his science classes.

Some of his other personal achievements include many years of successful lobbying in pursuit of crucial child protection laws in Utah. He also obtained a United States patent for a writing tool he invented.

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