Taking note of the benefits of boarding schools through a previous student: Donald Trump

note of the benefits of boarding schools through a previous student

When parents decide that a boarding academy or school is the best option for their son, an adolescent may not be readily willing to accept such a decision. For example, a child that has oppositional defiant disorder, ODD, will be likely to refuse to attend, despite having significant troubles adjusting as a child or adolescent. However, though most students that will be attending a boarding school will be likely to have concerns or be nervous, there are means of making an adolescent more comfortable about the experience.

There are a sizeable number of prominent celebrities who have gone on to lead successful and inspiring lives who also attended boarding school. Knowledge about these individuals can often help a student adjust to the idea of a boarding school and understand the potential benefits it can hold for them.

Donald Trump is a name that looms large when it comes to successful businessmen. However, along with numerous other famous people, he also attended a boarding school: The New York Military Academy in Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York. At the time he began attending the academy, he was 13 years old. Prior to this, Trump was seen as being a bright child and had come from a privileged family. His parents had hoped that the experience would mold their son in a positive way and provide the right channel for his energy.

Ultimately, Trump went on to do well at the academy, becoming both a student athlete and star leader by the time he graduated in 1964. The mogul eventually attended the Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania, graduating in 1968 with a degree in economics and going on to join his father’s business. However, he had his own plans for the world of real estate development and became involved in large building projects in Manhattan. He eventually owned the Plaza Hotel and despite a period of declining wealth, today his name is synonymous with success in real estate.

A boarding school academy has the potential to influence students positively from a young and age. The idea is to prepare the student for adulthood and by teaching him the skills he needs at this age which will prove invaluable for the future. One of the benefits of a boarding school environment is finding positive outlets for teens and this has been shown to be helpful for many young people. For instance, Trump was a student athlete while at the academy. Not only can athletics increase physical health but physical exercise and sporting activities also offer therapeutic benefits for those who are experiencing a health disorder or substance abuse.

Advantages of physical therapy in treatment

Those who attend a boarding academy will have an opportunity to participate in a number of outdoor activities such as different sports or other activities like hiking, horseback riding, martial arts and more. What a student is able to participate in depends on the school.

Such events accomplish more than simply allowing students to have an exciting and memorable experience, as if they were sightseeing with family on a trip. Learning new skills such as these or any other form of physical therapy will also improve the young person’s self esteem. Exercise has also been shown to benefit a person’s mental state as well as their physical health. Some studies have also found that students focus better on their academic duties as a result of having these activities as outlets.

Advantages of improved academic performance

Another benefit of a boarding academy can be improved academic performance through different classes, teaching forms and increased individual attention. This is undeniable advantage if an adolescent has been struggling or performing poorly in school. In Trump’s case, attending a boarding academy helped paved the way for him to attend the Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania.

One common goal of these institutions is to better prepare students for higher learning. This is accomplished by students having greater odds of individualized academic attention. Teachers work with smaller groups of students than in the public school system, allowing a teen to receive further attention when appropriate. When teens eventually head to college, they will have already had experience in living independently as well.

Preparing for the future

When considering a boarding academy for an adolescent, parents can feel safe in knowing that it can be a positive experience that allows for greater potential in adulthood. Telling a young person about a well known figure who also went through such an experience may help to inspire them about their time at a boarding school as well. Those who find success professionally as adults will be able to look back on the experience and how it better shaped them for their future.

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