White River Academy now accepting international students

White River Academy boarding school now possesses a SEVIS certification, allowing us to accept international students. This does not only expand our opportunities for treatment, but provides a richer experience to both our domestic and foreign students, immersing them in each other’s cultures during their stay.

In order to help meet the new demand for admission, we now offer ESL (English Second Language) teachers and translators to accommodate non-English speaking students. White River Academy is open to any foreign country that is allowed a U.S. visa.

Not only does our SEVIS certification allow us to help young adults all over the world obtain recovery, but provides them with career and educational opportunities that may have not been as abundant in their home country. By opening up our doors to students from all walks of life, we hope to create opportunities for education and recovery that were otherwise unattainable in another country.

In addition, our SEVIS certification also provides teens with a means of completely removing them from their environment, which often times is responsible for their mental and behavioral conditions and rates of relapse. Often times a treatment program may go successfully, but as soon as the patient is returned to the negative environment that was responsible for their issues, they slip back into their cycle of addiction. One of the goals of our addiction treatment in teens is to help patients start a newer, better life.

Although we have translators and ESL teachers on staff, foreign students will be encouraged to speak English since group activities and therapies are conducted primarily in English. Students are encouraged to learn English, hopefully becoming fluent by graduation for those who were already proficient.

Our teen boarding school is located in Delta, Utah, offering a relaxing and rural environment. Not only does this provide a peaceful place to obtain recovery, but reduces the stress on foreign students from having to relocate to an urban area where there is increased pressure to speak the native language.

Since White River Academy was originally founded in Puerto Rico, we already have years of experience in treating foreign students. We offer traditional approaches to psychotherapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy as well as more holistic, alternative approaches such as rock climbing, river rafting and equine therapy. We support the role of family in our treatment programs, offering family therapy and family day programs.

Although the White River Academy offers treatment to young males aged 12 to 17.

If you would like to learn more about White River Academy, or our newly certificated international students programs, feel free to contact our Admissions Team at 866-520-0905 .

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