Cody Clegg

Shift Manager

David Greene - Shift manager

David was born in Anaheim California, Where he spent his young life with his Father, Mother, and 2 siblings, to the age of 12. His parents moved him and his sister to Kanosh Utah where they had spent many summers camping at Adelaide Park and the mountains all over Utah. He spent his high school days here but then they moved back to California. While in California he attended college and met his childhood family friend and now wife again. They adopted 2 girls and had 2 of their own boys. David moved his young family back to Kanosh so that his children could have the same freedoms he had as a young man. While coaching baseball, he made a friend Jamie Orullian, who would ask him later to come to work at White River Academy. His love for working with youth seemed to fit in with the White River Academy statement. He loves family reunion trips, camping, different foods, travels, and looks forward to time spent with his kids.

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Justin Nielson

Program Administrator

It is natural for parents to worry and have concerns when sending their son away to a residential treatment center. We hope this detailed description of the admission process at White River Academy will answer some of your questions.

  • Small and Family-Directed

  • Accredited Educational Facility

  • Individualized Academics

  • Behavior Learning Component

  • Positive Peer Culture

  • Licensed Residential Treatment Center

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