Growing pains part 4: Kids day


Judging when to give a child space and when to spend time with them is difficult for any parent. Giving too little freedom is suffocating and too much grants the child access to dangerous possibilities. Children also grow up and want to spend time with their own friends.

For a family dealing with addiction, mental health or marriage troubles, any amount of time spent together can be crucial in re-building damaged bridges. Earlier this month, we celebrated National Kid’s Day – which is annually the first Sunday in August.

Trouble bubbling beneath the surface

Children can me mercurial: full of energy and happy one moment, then angry and depressed the next. Oftentimes, children will hide how they really feel and learn to suppress their problems in a similar manner. If left unchecked, these issues will continue to develop and wreak havoc well into adulthood.

These issues in children can be caused by a variety of factors from environment to an important figure in the child’s life. Programs and organizations exist to help children in these situations process issues and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

KidsPeace is a charity, “Dedicated to serving the behavioral and mental health needs of children, families and communities.” The charity founded National Kids Day in 1994. KidsPeace offers care for different issues a child may experience, including:

  • Adjustment disorder
  • Depression
  • Learning disabilities
  • Bipolar disorder

Not all children receive the proper care for these issues. In other cases, parents may not even realize the struggle their child is facing each day. In this sense, spending time with a child can be a window for the parent to spot what is going on in the child’s mind.

A day just for kids

National Kids Day was created, “To encourage adults to spend more meaningful and quality time with their children.”

As demonstrated in a previous blog in this series on spending time with children and teenagers, the quality of the time is more important than the quantity. Children will be more willing to share with parents when they feel that parents care and are invested in the child’s life.

While National Kids Day, has passed for 2015, it does not have to end there. Spending the day as a family through fun activities should not be saved for one day a year. This holiday is a launching pad to inspire parents to become healthily invested in their child’s life. There will always be aches and pains in growing up for the child and adult, but there are tools and treatments to assist.

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