The benefits of boarding school for students with ADHD

benefits of boarding school for students with adhd

One of the more common developmental disorders in both young children and teens is attention deficit hyperactive disorder, or ADHD. Parents may notice a number of related symptoms in children, such as a shortened attention span that prevents completion of a number of different activities. Perhaps assigned chores are not completed in the home or academic performance may be lacking in school. Of course, different parenting methods may prove effective in making such symptoms more manageable but in more extreme cases, there may be the need for professional assistance.

ADHD and school performance

There are several symptoms of ADHD associated with the school performance of a student who has ADHD. For instance, the student may be more likely to achieve tasks and goals through one on one interaction, as opposed to group activities. ADHD can also lead the student to overlook important details on assignments or be otherwise inattentive. Furthermore, schools normally require students to remain seated when class is in session which is difficult for those with ADHD as they may be fidgety and unable to sit still.

Of course, these problems may may also present themselves when a student is expected to complete homework. The adolescent may struggle to complete assignments by the due date or may simply avoid homework altogether which can negatively affect grades in the long run.

Modern technology can contribute to ADHD by providing even greater distractions when the student wants to use a cell phone when it is not appropriate. This can mean the student is distracted by an online game, video, text or other factor but the overall result is always a distraction that has negative consequences.

ADHD can also be affected even more severely by drug or alcohol use. This can mean taking drugs to improve focus in school or simply as an attempt to combat symptoms of ADHD or other issues. Students who take study drugs as a form of self medication for the disorder could be priming themselves for a proclivity toward substance abuse.

Benefits of boarding academies

Adolescents who suffer from ADHD can benefit from a boarding academy for many different reasons including extracurriculars, more time for one-on-one attention and the benefits that come with a structured environment. Some benefits of a boarding school include the following:

  • Extracurriculars: Sports or other extracurricular activities encourage exercise and provide a positive outlet for teens who have excessive energy. Those not interested in team sports can choose from other options including individual sports like surfing or martial arts classes. These activities often normally increase the likelihood of concentration and attentiveness in the student’s academic performance by helping to provide a greater balance.
  • One-on-one attention:  At a boarding school there is a greater opportunity for one on one teaching. This is significant as teens with ADHD often learn better this way. In this environment, individual educational goals can be formed and then met with through the help of proper guidance.
  • Less chance for risky behavior: the more enclosed and structured environment provides less opportunity for risky behavior such as substance abuse.
  • The presence of a community: A boarding school can help students feel like an outcast because of their ADHD or any other disorder. In a public school, children are often more susceptible to the whims of their peers moods, but an academy is a more deliberately-structured and intentional environment which provides additional support and community influence for those students struggling with a mental health issue or learning issue. At some boarding schools, there is the added support provided by available therapists and counselors who help students understand the issue they struggling with and learn how to deal with it.

Finding help at White River Academy

White River Academy is a residential boarding school that provides not only structured academics and lifestyle guidance but also help for our teen male students who are struggling with mental disorders, substance abuse and learning disorders and disabilities.

White River Academy helps students improve themselves and their behavior with the support of teachers, therapists, activity coordinators and more. White River Academy provides outlets such as art therapy, equine therapy and whitewater rafting as outlets for teen students. Teens at White River Academy return home with a renewed sense of purpose and are able to improve school performance significantly. Treating ADHD sooner rather than later helps teens increase their chances of success in college and in the workforce.

For more information on the programs at White Academy please contact our team at 866-520-0905.

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