Patrick Strode

Shift Manager

Patrick Strode - Shift manager

Patrick lived in Delta from the ages of eight to 15. He moved back to his hometown in April 2015. Patrick has had personal experience in abusive homes and with stability issues during his younger years. He understands the difficulties of overcoming a negative pass. Patrick believes the past is only there to drag us down, and we must make the choice to throw off the chains of yesterday to move forward today. His favorite quote to live by is “do or do not, there is no try!”

Patrick is honored to have such a rewarding position here at White River Academy. Being from similar backgrounds as some of these boys makes his job all the more interesting. Further, having the opportunity to be part of their lives and make a difference in them has been a blessing for himself and his family.

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Justin Nielson

Program Administrator

It is natural for parents to worry and have concerns when sending their son away to a residential treatment center. We hope this detailed description of the admission process at White River Academy will answer some of your questions.

  • Small and Family-Directed

  • Accredited Educational Facility

  • Individualized Academics

  • Behavior Learning Component

  • Positive Peer Culture

  • Licensed Residential Treatment Center

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