Speakers and special guests

Speakers and special guests

At White River Academy, we know that nothing teaches as well as an example. Which is why our school often plays host to motivational speakers and other special guests, many of whom have dealt with the same behavioral, mental and physical issues as your son. Anyone – not just our students – can relate to the struggles these dynamic figures had to overcome in reaching their goals at the top of fields like athletics, extreme sports and popular music.

Past speakers have included:

  • Clay Egan: Rock crawling is a motorsport in which drivers use a vehicle to overcome obstacles. Overcoming obstacles is something Egan’s very familiar with: a motorcycle accident in 1994 left him a quadriplegic. Egan went on to become the first quadriplegic to compete professionally in rock crawling in 2003. He has since appeared on MTVs Nitro Circus and works as a motivational speaker.

  • Larry Gelwix: Gelwix has coached the rugby team at Salt Lake City’s Highland High School since 1976, all the while adhering to a lifestyle of personable accountability and sobriety. His team’s winning record inspired the 2008 movie, “Forever Strong.”

  • Michael McLean: A songwriter and composer, McLean has written lyrics and music for more than 25 albums.

  • Blake Wharton: A professional motorcyclist, Wharton started competitively racing motorcycles at age 7.

White River Academy is always looking for new speakers to come by and inspire our students to reach their own dreams. If you have any suggestions for speakers or special guests that you think should visit White River Academy, please let us know!

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It is natural for parents to worry and have concerns when sending their son away to a residential treatment center. We hope this detailed description of the admission process at White River Academy will answer some of your questions.

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