‘The Goonies’ child star Corey Feldman details trauma, substance abuse recovery in autobiography

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Former child star Corey Feldman, who has appeared in “The Goonies” and several other films, has released an autobiography entitled “Coreyography: A Memoir.” The revealing book has much to say about his past, including tales of molestation and drug abuse. Feldman states that his frequent costar, Corey Haim, also suffered from drug addiction and was molested by film industry moguls as well. The book begins by recounting the tragic day he lost his co-star and friend.

Feldman states in his book that he first smoked marijuana with the late River Phoenix and that his experimentation with drugs eventually continued from there. This included cocaine binges with the late comedian, Sam Kinison, as well as eventually snorting and injecting heroin. Feldman claims that heroin is the only substance he was actually addicted to and that it changed his lifestyle dramatically at the time.

Heroin maintains its powerful grip on users by creating an intense physical addiction over time. Tolerance rapidly begins to build, with higher and higher doses needed to achieve the same effect, which is a powerful euphoria. Heroin can eventually lead to health problems in the long term, such as collapsed veins, heart infections, abscesses and poor liver functioning. In addition, there is also the possibility of receiving a sexually transmitted disease through sharing of needles and also experiencing a fatal overdose.

Eventually, Feldman was arrested three times because of the substance and then recovered in rehab. The first arrest was for 25 balloons, or more than two grams, of heroin. His treatment took place in Marina Del Rey, Calif. Following the next two arrests, Feldman finally sobered up after spending nine months in rehab. He has maintained his sobriety since. However, his costar, Corey Haim, was not so lucky.

The star also expresses guilt in the book that he was present either the first time, or one of the first times, that Corey Haim did cocaine. Both of them used the drug with two of their abusers and Feldman realizes that this did not help Haim with his ultimately fatal addictions later in life. Haim eventually plummeted further into drug abuse and Feldman believes that his molestation played a strong role in his addiction. Haim eventually died of an accidental drug overdose in Burbank, Calif. in 2010.

Cocaine strongly stimulates the nervous system, though its effects without repeated usage are short lived. The drug produces euphoria, alertness and a sense of increased energy. During a crash from the effects of the drug, paranoia and anxiety may occur. Extreme use may lead to convulsions and tremors. Long-term effects of the drug may include increased probability of stroke, fever, chest pain, asthma and more. The drug is also extremely damaging to one’s nasal passages if snorted.

Though Feldman was able to overcome his addictions and is now a sober father, Haim eventually succumbed to his. Therefore, if you or someone you know is suffering from substance abuse, it is critical to get them the treatment they need as soon as possible. Withdrawal from cocaine and heroin is anything but pleasant, as these are physically addictive controlled substances. However, to not receive treatment is to further risk damage to your health and possible death. Please call 866-520-0905 today to help set your loved one on the path to recovery.

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